Sweepovac Kitchen Vacuum for Plinths

Sweepovac Kitchen Vacuum For Plinthskick switch is easily activated by using the foot

The Sweepovac kitchen Vacuum for kitchen plinths fits neatly beneath your kitchen unit. Invented by Henry Fingleton it is fast become a standard item in kitchens all over Ireland and the UK.

Henry is a keen cook at home and having suffered with a bad back for many years and cleaning the kitchen floor after cooking was always a pet hate of his. Bending down with a dustpan and brush was a painful exercise but one that needed doing.

A Truly Innovative Appliance

Activate sweepovac using the kickswitchIt was during one of these times that the idea struck Henry and he set of to create one of the most innovative products the kitchen industry has seen for many years.

With its clever design the Sweepovac kitchen vacuum sits discreetly within the plinth. Activated by a switch that can be turned on by tapping it with your foot or brush the vacuum works for 10 seconds, which is plenty of time to dispose of the crumbs, dirt and pet hair, gathered in front of the Sweepovac. The Sweepovac is so powerful it will dispose of large items such as grapes and bottle lids.

Pet Hairs No Longer a Pet Hate!Sweepovac Say Bye to Pet Hairs

For those of us with pets we know just how annoying it can be when having swept the floor, the bristles of your broom are covered in your pets molting hair. The Sweepovac kitchen vacuum’s powerful suction will remove them in seconds!

The Sweepovac is especially handy for anyone with reduced mobility such as a bad back or stiff joint as it eliminates the need to bend down to pick up the dirt from the floor.

Kill Germs Dead!

The Sweepovac’s disposable bag contains a special anti bacterial agent that kills the germs dead, which can’t be said about the dustpan and brush!