Blum Face Fix Hinge

The face fix hinge offers a compact solution with the added benefits of quick and easy installation as well as including a self closing mechanism.

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  • Blum Compact Face Fix Hin..

    £7.57 inc. VAT

    Blum have now discontinued their current face frame solution, the 33.3600 COMPACT hinge, together with its associated backplate, 133.0240.

    The new solution when a face frame application is required is the BLUM COMPACT, a one-piece (hinge and plate combined) hinge. On the door, the BLUM COMPACT only needs 11mm in depth for its boss hole as opposed to the 13mm for the COMPACT 33.3600.

    The overlay situation is identical between the two variants, eg if the minimum distance for plate drilling is used they both give 35mm overlay.