Nimbus LED Plinth Light Kit

Nimbus LED Plinth Light Kit

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Integrate the Nimbus along the plinth in the kitchen to create a subtle glow. This stainless steel fitting looks stunning in a contemporary kitchen with white gloss doors.

Key Points

  • > IP67 rated fittings suitable for use on kitchens plinths or in bathrooms.
  • > All components required are included in the pack (6 fittings and LED driver).
  • > 1 metre of cable on each individual fitting. 1.5 metres of mains cable from the driver (includes 13A plug).
  • > Quality stainless steel fitting.
  • > The maximum walkover pressure is 100kg.
  • > As well as using in the plinth, this fitting is also suitable for use in ceramic tiles, natural stone, hard wood or Quartz flooring.
  • > Cool white LED, an ideal plinth lighting option for the contemporary kitchen design.
  • > Low energy consumption, each fitting runs at only 0.3W.
  • > The maximum wattage load of the driver in this pack is 8W.
  • > Diameter: 30mm
  • > Depth: 18.5mm
  • > Cut-out: 24mm


Wattage: 1.8W per fitting
Cool White (5500k) 
Beam Angle:
30 degrees
Stainless Steel
Lamp Life:
 18.5 years
Cable Length:
22.8 Lm

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